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Explosives in the FFRPG [Mar. 11th, 2008|03:50 am]
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Until recently, there were (somewhat tested) beta rules for Explosives in the FFRPG. The skill still exists and (as of this writing) refers the reader to further rules in Appendix 1. Sadly, the rules for Explosives no longer exist in Appendix 1. I've pointed this out, so we're not going to go on about that. What we are going to look at, is seeing if there is something in Appendix 1 that we can use to proxy for explosives.

One of the new things added to the beta rules (without any playtesting that I'm aware of) were called "Draughts." Draughts do neat things. They can give temporary bonuses to Skills and Attribute Ratings. They can also have nebulous and only somewhat defined "Narrative Effects."

Draughts are made with Alchemy using the same system that produces Recovery Items. This makes sense, because Explosives are generally created through chemical means.

Let's look at what the rules for "Narrative Effects" are:

If the Draught's effect is narrative, the player must describe the desired effect. The GM will then determine whether it qualifies as a minor, modest, or major narrative effect for pricing purposes. As a rough guideline: Draughts with minor narrative effects tend to have a barely appreciable impact on the current story, while Draughts with major narrative effects
can change the entire course of the plot if used at the right time.

So then it's easy to see how explosives of various types (and sizes) could be modeled with this. Fire crackers would fit in as "minor" effects, I suppose "moderate" effects would be enough explosives to crack a safe or put a hole in a wall. "Major" effects could easily be enough explosives to level a building.

Looking at costs, it's apparent that this is probably too cheap. A Major Explosive would cost all of 300 gil. Granted simple explosives are fairly cheap to manufacture, but in a world where I can buy an expendable weapon called a "Flameburst Bomb" (which sounds suspiciously like the kind of bomb you'd rig up if you're an arsonist) for all of 375 gil, I'm not sure that the potential ability to level a building in one go is balanced at 300 gil.

Perhaps there needs to be some sort of guideline on how to combine Draughts together to get larger effects - on the other hand, 300 gil to change the entire course of the plot could be fun (for people that are not the GM).

Anyway, for all the would be arsonists in roleplaying games, this is my effort at giving you something you can use in the FFRPG. Lord knows you people leveled enough buildings and other assorted things in Silvertech 3.

[User Picture]From: julian_skies
2008-03-11 07:33 pm (UTC)
Hum... Droughts, the way I see them, seem like a 'generic rule for things that have no rules'. In fact, it seems quite hastly made in the 'narrative effects' area.
Considering, the amount of Gil should really be based on the tier of materials being used, that is directly tied to the PC's level (and thus, always draining an 'equivalent' amount of resources). What is a "Major" effect for an L1 party can be a "Minor" effect for a godly L64 party
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[User Picture]From: demonicgerbil
2008-03-11 11:39 pm (UTC)
Well, this whole post doesn't really matter. Sam put the old explosives rules into Appendix 1. :p

Still, it was a fun exercise.
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