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ORD Spotlight #4: Tunics [Jun. 26th, 2007|07:10 pm]
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So far I've looked at a Job, a Race, and a rule set. I reckon that I may as well continue to dip into new sections of the ORD and expand my coverage of topics into new areas.

So, we have here Tunics, made by that paragon of never running his Whydah campaign Memona. At a glance Tunics seem like an interesting choice because they're an armor, which there aren't as many of as there are weapons available, and also they appear to take up two equipment slots instead of one like a normal piece of gear. So, let's dig in and see what we have.

At first glance I notice that there are two tunics per tier, and none of the tunics are 'basic.' They have all special effects. Because they occupy two equipment slots (head and body), the special effects are quite costly - and they're priced at roughly what two pieces of equipment might cost.

This issue of 'cost' requires a table, because I like tables. And it will let me do a side-by-side comparison. These prices are from the Head Slot and Body Slot pages as they currently exist at the moment. I understand some people may or may not have more up-to-date prices, but as they are not actually implemented, bite me.

Tier'Bare' Hat+Robe CostCheapest Tunic Cost
Tier 1175430
Tier 211251375
Tier 325502600
Tier 449504140
Tier 578007150
Tier 61183013300
Tier 71610011650
Tier 82100023470

(That table looks so 1996...)

One would expect that even the worst tunic of a tier should cost more than what a bare Hat and Robe should cost. Initially that assumption holds out, but the pattern is utterly destroyed by the time we get to Tier 5. Don't even get me started in the weirdness of Tier 7's Tunic being cheaper than the Tier 6 Tunic. That's wrong, it goes against every mechanic in the system, and more importantly it drives a semi-truck with a tanker trailer loaded full of nitroglycerin into the wall of common sense.

I'm not really sure if I need to go on, here. The first Tunic is too expensive for a starting character to purchase. The later Tunics oscillate wildly in 'relative' price compared to Hats and Robes. I'm not sure how Death Proof or Seal Proof on the Tier 6 Tunics drive the price up beyond what you can get on the Tier 7 Combat Caster's Cloak: Shadow Eater, Holy Eater, Shadow Enchancer, Holy Enhancer. Although it is a shame that there are very few Jobs (the Callers are all I can think of) in the system that can exploit both the Holy and Shadow enhancers at the same time.

The Tunics do break down the FFRPG's high end "Give 2 Artifacts and 1 Unique" paradigm. The Tunic's high end abilities are very powerful, and a single Unique Tunic can give bonuses comparable to two other pieces of gear. The Unique Crusader's Cloak gives the bonuses of Peytral (Unique Mail: +2 STR, Auto-Power Up), with the Golden Yarmulke (Artifact Hat: Auto-Magic Up), and leaves a +2 MAG left over. That's awfully darn powerful.

But even the Crusader's Cloak pales in comparison to one of the Artifact Tunics. Vermillion’s Cloak gives Refresh. For those who aren't familiar with it, Refresh comes from Final Fantasy 11. It's essentially "MP Regen." I don't believe there are rules for Refresh on the wiki at present, but it's safe to assume that it restores 10% Max MP every status phase, in a manner identical to how Regen works with HP. This is incredibly powerful. A 'decent' Black Mage is going to get back enough MP to cast Ultima every 3 rounds. I shudder to think of what a creative player could get away with when they have access to such an infinite and cost-free font of MP.

Finally, I do have a petty gripe. Real Tunics don't cover the head. They're essentially long shirts... Though I suppose "Hoodie" doesn't sound as "adventurous" as "Tunic."

So, in conclusion, I can reasonably opine that Tunics are crap. They're unbalanced in the system, poorly priced, and internally inconsistent. Don't use them.

[User Picture]From: julian_skies
2007-06-27 12:17 am (UTC)
Hum... That is how about 80% of Memona's stuff ends up as. Despite having interesting and unique mechanics... He fails it at balancing. Despite the fact, I still think that 'multipart armors' concept is interesting
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[User Picture]From: admiral_j
2007-06-27 01:44 pm (UTC)
I believe that the origin of the tunic armor type lies in FFXI -- as with many other games of the same stripe originating in the same space of time (the notable exception being World of Warcraft), the modelers or designers ran into a snag with implementing robes, and so the substitute for the white mage's signature white-with-red-triangle-trim garb is a long, flare-sleeved hoodie. There are a number of these odd articles of clothing, and they do in fact occupy two equipment slots.
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[User Picture]From: xuenay
2007-06-27 05:42 pm (UTC)
That's wrong, it goes against every mechanic in the system, and more importantly it drives a semi-truck with a tanker trailer loaded full of nitroglycerin into the wall of common sense.

This sentence is priceless. <3
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