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The goal of this community is to be a place where users of the Final Fantasy Roleplaying System can post ideas for potential game material. Such ideas can be just about anything as long as they fit in the confines of the FFRPG rule system. They can span from new races, jobs, abilities, equipment, rules, or even supplement or worldbook material. It is my hope that these ideas will be critiqued by the community and the material worth keeping will be added to the FFRPG wiki page for future FFRPG users.

If you are unfamiliar with the gamesystem, the most current ruleset can be found here.

Before posting, there are a couple rules to consider first:

Let me reinforce this: this community is about ideas and concepts. If you've already penned a 110 page documental mapping out your 'concept' in full, Kindly post your book on the FFRPG wiki or somewhere else.

Not every article posted to the community is a pure and unique snowflake. Sometimes, we get the occasional stinker... Not everything that is posted here will make it to the wiki. Also understand that it is very unlikely, unless articles are posted by members of the RGi devteam, that any material posted on Returnercon will be implimented in the core rulebook. The majority of the Returnercon articles that pass the scrutiny of the community will eventually find their way into the optional rules depot (ORD) or other parts of the wiki in some form.

If you post something longer than 5 lines, please for the love of god use the <LJ-cut> code. The material you post will show up in other community's member's friend pages and we don't want articles posted to the community to take up too much of their space. If you're unfamiliar with the LJ-cut code or other Livejournal related HTML, please check the FAQ out before posting your material. The mods reserve the right to pop LJ-cuts if you don't.

Please try and use proper and decent grammar. A forgotten comma here and there won't cause any problems, but if your post looks like the toilet cloggings of a CS-camper, I reserve the right to remove your post for excessive stupidity.

No flaming other users. Whining, bitching, starting fights, or anything else that's detrimental to a nice and pleasant atmosphere will make me very angry with you. Remember what your mother told you as a kid: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. Also, don't even try to invoke your right to free speech here. You leave that at the door when you post here, and you can pick it back up on your way out. If you're looking to have your membership rights revoked from the community, here's the fastest way to do so.

Notice: If you are looking to join the community, simply friending it will not suffice. You will need to click the 'Join this community' link at the top of this page before you can post.

Please be respectful to other members of the community, and we'll all get along just fine.

- Your friendly neighborhood moderators, a_soul_of_fire and igtenos_rp