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Final Fantasy: Triumph of the Returners [Jan. 9th, 2009|10:28 pm]
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Final Fantasy: Triumph of the Returners

Legends stretch back across the centuries - talking about the bold, the brave, the mighty that strove to make the world a better place. Men and women who fought for something more than themselves and who changed the world with their actions. While their deeds and their ways were as varied as the blades of grass, they were something more than the average - they were heroes.

That is the very reason they are worshiped. Whether in a small roadside shrine where they performed their deeds or in the great Hall of Heroes, they are beyond mortal. Saints. Divine.

And you? You’re no hero, but you’re no slouch either. It’s tempting, though, when you hear the call go out - from the Valhian Church itself, no less!

WANTED: Those Who Would Be Saints

The Day of Heroes approaches! To honor the Heroes of the past Her Holiness, Bishop Melisende Sarpedon, calls upon the bravest and the noblest in the land! Sponsored by Emperor Cyrus Argent himself, those who are able will be given chance to prove themselves and make their own legend! Be bold; for the great Heroes watch over us all.


It is my utmost pleasure to present to you all:


This mega-campaign, following in the footsteps of RGi’s well known and well recieved Generica campaign, is about a simple thing: Celebration. With the long-awaited release of Third Edition, the RGi dev team has decided to celebrate the occasion by running the biggest, baddest FFRPG campaign we can. For the past two months, the dev team has been working hard to craft a world and a storyline worthy of our dedicated players, fans and contributors.

Using the Guild-style campaign system pioneered by the Generica Playtest campaign, Triumph of the Returners is set in a rich Final Fantasy world. With an elaborate plot ahead stretching from level 1 to level 65, it promises to provide great times and allow the RGi dev team to give back to those who have supported us over the years.

I invite you all to visit the wiki we have constructed and to use the new subforums dedicated to this campaign. Isn’t it time for some heroes?


And the subforum on the boards can be found here


[User Picture]From: sehkmet
2009-01-10 04:31 am (UTC)
Fuck yeah. I'll figure out something to play. :D Woo!
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[User Picture]From: gullwhacker
2009-01-10 04:52 am (UTC)
Hey, I'm not dead yet. Guess that means I'm playing too.

Sehk, am I still banned from Samurai?
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[User Picture]From: tempest56
2009-01-10 05:50 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: sehkmet
2009-01-10 01:56 pm (UTC)
Yes x 2.
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